Hi! I’m Tom Coolen, a self-taught graphic and visual designer based in Hasselt, Belgium.
Operating under the moniker ‘Mad Leif’, my self-initiated work is designed to give you a quiet sort of understated inspiration. We spend so much of our time as people building our identities, just as a matter of functioning in the world. Preoccupied with endless to do lists, responsibilities and a daily dose of noise coming from many directions. If I can provide a fellow human with a moment of relief, happiness or positive reflection, then I like to think a seed of positivity has been planted. The colours, gradients, shapes and patterns offer a short break, a focus on the light that's there, underneath it all. A bit like when you're in a forest and you manage to see sunlight coming through the branches.
The experimentation you can find within my designs is powered by the intensity of different emotions. Not only in the beauty of life, nature, both internal and external. It's also, or even more so important for me to find the meaning, or beauty, in even the most dire of feelings or circumstances.
Emotions can be a powerful material. I work this material into illustrations and designs. It is part of my growth as a designer, and more importantly as a human being.

(An actual website hopefully to follow later this year.)

Project and work inquiries: tomcoolen@madleif.com
Other inquiries or just saying hi: hello@madleif.com​​​​​​​
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