Hi, I'm Tom Coolen
Belgium based and born there in the summer of 1983, I'm a mostly self-taught graphic designer and illustrator with an eye for nature, psychedelia and moody nostalgia.
I started posting on social media as Mad Leif and stuck with it ever since. Mad can be all kinds of things both good and bad, and Leif is an anagram for Life.
I love to express the feelings, moods and thoughts we share in our human nature. I love to express the colors, patterns and shapes inย  nature, glimpses of light, the painting in the sky, how you see things when you pinch your eyes, ... Moments where you can stand still and reflect on something that brings you joy.
Here you can find posters, illustrations and some of the work that I'm able to publish.
If you'd like to work together or if you have other inquiries, please reach out via the contact form below, or copy tomcoolen@madleif.com, and I'll be in touch!
Thank you for visiting!
Thank you! I'll be in touch! ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป